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Book Review

From the moment I started reading this book, I could not put it down. I read it entirely, cover to cover in one sitting. When I finished, all I could say was, “Wow!” It captured my senses as though I was living that nightmare with Ivette. I felt every pain, hit, punch, kick, frustration, and incidence of betrayal – especially from her mother.  I cried when her little one died, and hurt for her daughter Victoria as though I was witnessing my own mother’s abuse through her eyes. God is truly with Ivette, and saved her for “such a time as this” – to speak out against domestic violence and abuse.

If you are raising a teenage daughter – or son – counseling teens about abuse, or a teen hiding the abuse from your family and friends, this book is for you. Ivette’s true story is powerful, engaging, and needful for those who do not truly understand the dynamics of domestic violence – it is often complicated. After reading this book, never again will you ask, “Why doesn’t she leave?”


Ivette Attaud, a Harlem, New York native and former Fort Bragg army wife, has been a survivor of domestic violence and abuse for over twenty years. Having survived an abusive dating relationship and marriage to a Staff Sergeant in the Army, she managed to break the chains of her abuser. After years of extreme violence, abuse, a suicide attempt, a violent physical assault while pregnant with twins that resulted in the death of one of her daughters and a broken shoulder, Ivette left with her two surviving daughters and returned to New York.


 It is rare that I will read a book in one day. I read Ivette’s book in a matter of hours. Even when I stopped to fix dinner, I had to bring it to the dinner table and read more of her life’s journey of violence and abuse. Not often will a book, besides the Bible – engage my mind so that I lose track of time. The experience was like watching a nail biting movie – I was rooting for the main character, Ivette – while wishing the antagonist, her husband, Victor – would fall off the face of the earth. Not that I wish bad things to happen to people – I just wanted him to go away and leave her alone – he made her life a miserable hell.


 If I were raising a young teen today, male or female – especially female – we would read this book together and discuss it. It isn’t enough to educate your teenage daughters. This book will prove that parents need to reach their young sons as well before they start dating. Unfortunately, both Victor and Ivette had mothers who condoned his negative and abusive behavior, which led him to believe that he was right in his wrong-doing.

For those of you who are in abusive relationships, you will benefit from Ivette’s experience as well. Allow her pain to be the catalyst the will strengthen you to find a way out of your abusive relationship.

There is no catch to this review. I don’t have an affiliate link, nor shall I gain monetarily in any way by promoting MY LIFE, MY SOUL. It was powerful enough to touch my soul, and it is my hope, that you will allow this magnificent experience move you to help set the captive free.


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