08 Feb

By Terry Loving

Open Our Eyes Lyrics

Performed by- Milton Brunson

Father, open our eyes
that we may see to follow Thee, Lord.
Grant us us Thy loving peace
and let all dissension cease.
And let our faith each day increase,
and Master, Lord, please open our eyes,
(oh, oh, open our eyes).

Oh, He has given us (hills and mountains),
He has given us (level plains).
He has given us (food and clothing),
Given us shelter (from the storm and rain).

Oh and with all He’s provided,
always hurting one another;
just can’t, can’t be content,
always fighting one another.

(You promised to look upon us with compassion),
(You promised to hear us when we cry);
(smile down on Your helpless children),
(oh Master, come on and open our eyes).

Oh, oh.

Oh, oh, open our eyes.

I haven’t heard Milton Brunson’s version of this song, and this is the only link I found with most of the lyrics intact. Really, I am fond of the Gospel Clefs version, for I grew up with old time gospel music with lyrics that touched your soul deeply.


Anyway, I just finished watching “Letters to God,” an awesome movie. It was about Tyler Doughtie, a 9-year old who died from brain cancer. It was said that Tyler wasn’t just writing letters to God, “He was praying.” He was a very self-less soul that asked God for what was beneficial for his family and his best friend, and he did not focus on himself with self-pity. Tyler wanted to live, but accepted the fact that he would not.


I started thinking about the condition of our world today, and felt sorrowful. There are many Tylers’ in this world who want to live, just be a kid and have a normal life. They do not understand why they are sick, and why they have to suffer so. They just want to run, skip, hop, play, laugh, roll around in the grass and just feel free – be happy kids.

And then I think about all of the poor children who are physically healthy – who are being damaged emotionally and in so many other ways. They too just want to be happy kids, and not contend with violence and abuse in their homes. I remember what it was like to hide in closets, under the bed, and cry myself to sleep. The memories of creepy scary adults will always be with me.


When I think about the lyrics to this song, the writer must have felt the way I feel sometimes – mournful. The way Jesus felt – “He wept.” God has given human beings so much, and we just mess up everything – especially for the next generations. Human beings are so selfish! Domestic violence and abuse is not only about power and control, but pure evil selfishness. Perpetrators do not care about anyone but themselves – beating and demanding out of innocent people what love would have given freely.


I hate what this world has become and the evil that lives within our homes. People, little people, middle aged, and many folks are praying for another day to just open their eyes. Tyler wanted to play soccer, just be a kid and enjoy life. He was blessed to have a loving family and peace in his home. He died peacefully in his bed surrounded by family and friends. He went home to our heavenly Father peacefully, while so many children reach heaven by way of torture, abuse, and hatred fueled by the devil himself.


More and more parents are killing their own children, and in such horrendous ways. Fathers are taking out their whole families, even other relatives if they are in the home as well. Josh Powell killed his two sons with an ax, and burned down the house with them and himself inside. There is a rash of murder-suicides in the news lately. If you want to check out, fine! But can you just leave the kids out of it? Most, if not all of these people who murder and then kill themselves are going to be shocked on the other side. They may think they are escaping punishment on earth – but I bet God has bad news for them.


Americans live in the greatest country on the planet, and yet – we are fussing and fighting over many things that do not matter at all. Selfish hearts are destroying their own families, and demanding to be placed on pedestals, when they should be down on their faces prostrate before Almighty God begging forgiveness. People risk their lives crossing the border, and oceans just to taste what we in America take for granted – we are selfish and self-centered – the core of many of our social ills.


False preachers are damning many souls straight to hell, and all for financial gain. The devil is having a field day in American churches, and the people of God are spiritually sleeping with their eyes wide open. Oh Father, I do pray for us to open our eyes. All the material things that we fight over will rot and decay. Nothing we own will follow us to either heaven or hell. As the saying goes, “You never see a u-haul behind a hearse.” This world and life as we know it is temporary. Please open our eyes.


I guess I am just letting it out right now.

Maybe our country has too much freedom, I don’t know. But then again, America has a serious sin problem. As a country, we are in big trouble in many ways. My Redeemer lives, therefore I have peace within my soul. I just hurt for those who suffer at the hands of selfish evil people, who only demand what is beneficial for them. My heart especially is sorrowful for the children. Satan does not discriminate when it comes to destroying a soul. What a world.


In his dying, Tyler became a “warrior” for God, touching many souls, and turning their hearts towards heaven. Isn’t that what life is supposed to be about? Especially since this is all temporary anyway?

Perhaps many adults out there need to sit down and write a letter to God. You know who you are.

Thanks for listening, just needed to rant for a minute. Father, please open our eyes before it is too late.


New American Standard Bible (©1995)
“Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you.”

Daniel 9:3 “So I turned to the Lord God and pleaded with him in prayer and petition, in fasting, and in sackcloth and ashes.”

New American Standard Bible (©1995)
“Because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will grow cold.


No portion of this web site may be copied, edited, or used in any form without prior permission.

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All rights reserved.

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