Ebenezer pastor calls Davis execution ‘moral, spiritual disaster’

25 Sep

By Terry Loving

ATLANTA — Days after the execution of convicted cop killer Troy Davis, one of Atlanta’s most prominent spiritual leaders used part of his Sunday sermon to bring attention to what he calls an injustice.

“This was a moral and spiritual disaster unfolding before our very eyes,” said the Rev. Raphael Warnock, pastor of Atlanta’s historic Ebenezer Baptist Church.”

“Davis was executed Wednesday for the 1989 murder of police officer Mark MacPhail in Savannah.”

“The fact that the state of Georgia managed to execute Troy Davis in the face of this lingering doubt does not mean that that was the right answer. It simply means that we have a whole lot more work to do,” Warnock told parishioners. 1


This post is not an attack concerning Pastor Warnock, but a deep wish within my soul. I wish that all pastors would use part of their “Sunday sermon to bring attention” to the “injustice” of domestic violence and abuse. But they don’t – concerning this issue – they are silent.


This article refers to this pastor as a “prominent spiritual leader,” does he not have enough clout to address this issue? Forgive me if he has, but I haven’t read a news article about him or any other Bible Belt preacher condemning violence and abuse in our homes – especially “Christian” homes. A few may have briefly touched on this issue, but not many are doing anything about it.


He also stated, “What is absolutely certain is the MacPhail family’s pain and deep sorrow. What is still absolutely uncertain is Mr. Troy Davis’ guilt,” said Warnock.

I will take this one step further. What is “absolutely certain” is the fact that many parishioners and their families are also suffering “pain and deep sorrow,” day after day, after day, after day – due to domestic violence and abuse.  Many of the abused sit in pews faithfully each Sunday, Wednesday or whenever they can hoping to hear a brave minister of God condemn oppression in the home. Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year – they are disappointed. What is “absolutely uncertain” is whether or not they will escape the abuse alive.


I watched the news as Al Sharpton led a crowd of demonstrators to decry the execution of Troy Davis. This wasn’t a wrong thing to do – but where are the leaders when it comes to domestic violence and abuse that are destroying our families, our children, our society, and most of all – our spiritual witness for Christ? As he motioned to the crowd, “Come on” – I envisioned the crowd holding signs saying “NO MORE ABUSE!” – And Sharpton leading the way to do something about this travesty. Sadly, our “spiritual leaders” – and I might use that term loosely these days – pick and choose their fight, rightly so – free will. However, if your fifteen minutes of fame won’t make any difference to hurting people, what good is it? Just because a minister is connected to or pastoring a mega church, well – it doesn’t mean a hill of beans to God. My soul is filled with righteous indignation today – very sorrowful over the plight of the state of America – my beloved country.


And here’s another thing, Eddie Long paid millions of hush money tithes to keep his evil a secret. I get angry when I think about it, not that I made any contributions. But this is the thing. That money could have been used to serve the very community that put it in his control in the first place. It could have purchased several franchises to give many unemployed persons a job. It could have been used to get some of these young thugs off the street, employ them so they won’t have excuses to break in their neighbors home anymore.


Our people are preying upon one another, stealing from senior citizens who worked all of their lives. Young thugs are terrorizing neighbors, breaking in their homes at gun point, and wreaking havoc upon society at an alarming rate. The prisons are quickly filling up with young blacks that believe violence is the answer to life’s ills, and conflict resolution equates to shooting and killing their own kind. Young males that should be in high school or college are parked in neighborhoods scouting out which home they are going to burglarize next. They don’t go into the rich white neighborhoods with that nonsense, they destroy their own people.


What do you have to say about these “moral, spiritual disasters” preachers? No comment? Not surprised. Ill-gotten gain leads to prison and death. If the parents abandon their children, they should be able to come to the, cough – “house of God” for guidance. The Book of Proverbs is a great place to start. But if you don’t address their needs, no amount of preaching will penetrate their hearts. You will keep collecting tithes – living large – and swear by God you are preaching truth – when God is not please with many of you in the pulpit.


Contact the news stations and tell them you are ready to go head to head with domestic violence. Well, unless of course you are guilty yourselves. If not, why not? I cried for my people today. I cried for the world today. My heart is full – and I am fed up. Christians are not in this world for personal comfort only. We are at war, and we are here to be a light. How can a dark world see Jesus, when we make a mockery of the One who can make a difference in America, and our lives? There are thousands of Troy Davis’ in prison, headed to prison, and crying out for guidance and love. Will anyone help them before they become a statistic of our judicial system?

My heart is broken. And I will be glad when all that should and will be saved are saved so Jesus can end the madness. Judgment will begin with the household of God. Are you ready?

Yes, Pastor Warnock – I agree – “…we have a whole lot more work to do.”

I always read the search terms that people use to find my site – this one I found today, “sad at church.” This should not be!

Domestic violence = INJUSTICE.

It is a dark day in America.





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