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In case you don’t know who George Sodini is, or was, he is the man who murdered three women in cold blood at a Pittsburgh health club. He also wounded nine others before taking his own life. Only God, and George Sodini really knew who he was, and what was really in his heart. Obviously, inner rage and murder were the two attributes-paramount-which he shared with the world. He penned an online journal for all to see and read.

I read most of the comments concerning this individual, and there was mixed emotions concerning his overall state of mind. Some contributors described him as “a psychopath, deranged, a killer, murderer, mass shooter, and a lost soul”, etc. His online journal was in my opinion, disturbing, well thought out, and intelligent. His writing skills were such that he could have very well used that gift for more noble purposes, rather than detailing how he would execute his revenge on women. And what was he avenging? Women he perceived to be ignoring him as a person-this wonderful-successful catch that he claimed to be?

Before I move on, I am going to take issue with one of the comments concerning this horrific news story:

“I am a male I feel his psychological pain. Ladies, you spend all that time and effort to make yourselves attractive. Then you walk through reality with blinders on. If you had just said “hello” maybe learned his name talked a bit and then politely moved on. Many men do not have social skills because women refuse to teach them lovingly. Life is a learning experience. I had one not so attractive girl friend who taught me so much about how a woman wants to be treated and loved and whom I always just thought of her as my friend. She was more special to me than some toned teaser who demands you walk on water until you in frustration conjure up your own personal hell and share.”

First of all, this is exactly the kind of attitude that makes women the object of blame in domestic violence and abuse issues. Nine times out of ten, the woman is at fault for the violence because she either did or didn’t do something that pleased the one who attacked her. My first thoughts after reading about George Sodini were-if a woman did agree to date or marry him; she would have possibly become another domestic violence statistic. Given his state of mind-the one he projected to the world, he was abuser material.

Domestic violence and abuse are about control and domination. George wasn’t in control concerning the feelings and personal decisions of the women in his environment. Therefore, he felt out of control because he constantly complained that women would not give him the time of day. Is it possible that he exhibited a persona that literally unnerved the women he desired to get close to? Signs of desperation are, and can be extremely frightening-whether they are coming from male or female.

As far as his psychological pain, who doesn’t experience emotional pain living in our materialist, self-centered, violent, evil, and God forsaken society? America is a society that reeks of materialism, and equates wealth and prosperity with self-esteem. Too many people suffer hardships and conclude that death is the only answer-theirs and others. Some of the blog comments even sympathized with George’s dilemma, of his self-perception-being invisible. When you fall into the trap of believing that  material gain and good looks are what makes you a valued person, you become a George Sodini-a very angry soul. There are many people suffering from all kinds of life stress factors, but they do not kill in order to satisfy their pain and misery.

If every woman reacted to and accepted advances from any and every source, she would leave herself vulnerable to predators. Too many males in our society still don’t get it! If they try to hit on a woman and she doesn’t respond, they use this as an excuse to disrespect her. The last time I checked, we live in a “free” society that allows for freedom of expression, and the freedom to not interact with others if you so choose. God did not create women to be the playthings of men. We were meant to compliment one another in relationships. However, everyone has free will.

If a woman chooses not to accept advances from a man that is her right. This same right any man on earth should, and can exercise as well. Just because  a woman takes pride in her appearance, that doesn’t not mean that ALL women are doing so to attract a mate. In a free society, a woman  should be allowed to wear make-up, or a nice outfit of her choosing, without feeling obligated to respond to the advances of those who may be interested in pursuing her romantically.

“Then you walk through reality with blinders on.” I am not sure what “reality” this person is referring to. But again, is a woman not free to walk down the streets of America, and choose whom she will or not interact with? Not everyone is “safe” to give the time of day to. Obviously, George fell into that category, as well as many other sick people in this world. A woman can say “hello” to the wrong person, and end up with her throat cut, dumped in a ditch and left for dead.

“Many men do not have social skills because women refuse to teach them lovingly.” Now this comment, I really have a problem with.The last time I checked, “social skills” are learned, or supposed to be learned at home. Social skills are also taught in school, on the playground, in a sandbox, in books, and other mediums. But most of all, it is the responsibility of parents, single or together to make sure their child or children go out into the world and interact responsibly. When a woman is ready for a mate, she is not looking for a little boy in a man’s body to finish raising him where his caretaker(s) left off. Whatever social skills a person lacks when he or she becomes an adult, well, the first place to look for the missing pieces is their childhood-not their mate. Given all the dysfunction in our world, not many people can say they “got it all together.” No one does. Some people were raised by loving caretakers who gave their all, and others were not so fortunate.

It is true that two people can bring valuable life lessons to the table when they decide to become a couple. But most are expecting that their mate have been prepared for life, at least to the point of being able to maintain a relationship. No one, whether male or female goes into a relationship with the mindset of continuing education-raising a grown person that should know better. Here again, women are blamed for the dysfunction of their mates as if they had anything to do with their child rearing.

“I had one not so attractive girl friend who taught me so much about how a woman wants to be treated and loved and whom I always just thought of her as my friend.” What pray-tell was the purpose of mentioning that his girl friend was “not so attractive?” Ok, she imparted valuable information about women, but what did her being “not so attractive” have to do with anything? Is there some kind of distinction being made between the “not so attractive” and the “toned teaser” that he mentions? In his opinion, would he now view the “toned teasers” as the enemies of men who longed for a meaningful relationship? I don’t know, but it sure sounds like a “tone teaser” caused him pain at some point in his life. It is my hope that he doesn’t view all women that take care of their bodies, and wear attractive (modest) clothing as the enemy.

He also mentions that the “toned teaser” “demands you walk on water.” I gather that he may have been a guy who was angered by a “hottie,” the kind of superficiality that most men crave. George in his online journal surely made mention of “hot” women many times. But the other part of his comment that disturbs me the most is: …”until you in frustration conjure up your own personal hell and share.” Whoa!

I don’t know about you, but that is scary. It sounds just like the mindset of George Sodini. But I hope that I am mistaken. George was definitely frustrated-his own doing. And for sure he was living out his own “personal hell” of which he shared with the world. More so, his deep-seated frustrations surely “conjured” up a plot of revenge that included pre-meditated murder. He “shared” with the world his exact thoughts on how he planned to kill innocent women, because he could. It is as simple as that, he could, and he did.

On his website, George said of the women at his gym that they “looked so beautiful as to not be human.” When you remove the “human” factor from your deranged mind, killing another human being becomes sport to those who harbor evil intent within their hearts. Perpetrators who abuse and perpetuate domestic violence remove the “human” factor from their victims. They become objects of frustrations and unfulfilled desires. When you are no longer, or never viewed as the human being that Jesus Christ died for, spilling your blood is no big deal to a murderer. Punching, bruising, battering, and abusing one made in the image of Almighty God is a dishonor no one should experience.

My heart goes out to those who died as a result of the actions of George Sodini. Let us pray for those who were wounded as well. They will relive this nightmare over and over again. May God bless you with peace. God shall  REPAY!

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He killed three women and wounded nine others before committing suicide


“Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.”

Ecclesiastes 8:11 (KJV)


The reason why the wicked persevere in sin: God’s delay in judgment (Mt 24:48-51; 2Pe 3:8, 9). They see not the smoke of the pit, therefore they dread not the fire.

Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary

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